What are debt traps?

Not economically well-off families, what are the typical debt traps? Calling, the debt trap, the debt trap, the debt trap. The genitive, the debt trap, the debt trap. The dative, the debt trap, the debt trap. Check Usage Check a list of what you spend every month (from mobile phone costs to clothing).

Careful, debt traps!

Careful, debt traps!

Young people are hardly prepared for the use of funds, many are in debt. Fabian and Janik had not believed how quickly you would end up in the backpack. The two had earned well, could buy smartphones, travel, cars, etc., Fabian had rented a shared apartment, Janik a small floor. “All of a sudden we had 700 USD in debt,” says Fabian.

Protection of children from debt trap

Protection of children from debt trap

This also includes staying home with the capital. So it is with the guilt trap. It is hopeless for the person concerned to get out of debt. Borrowed capital is so high that it can not be attributed to the sustainably achievable income. One of the most important educational tasks of the parents and guardians is to teach their children the so-called right attitude to finance.

Borrowed capital, whether in cash or as a credit, is a debt that costs a lot and should be refunded. You have to learn at a young age to live with your own card money and make ends meet. They should monitor purchasing behavior and the ratio of capital and evaluate the nature of their products accordingly.

They are economical or stingy in their disposition, but also generous or extremely easy on money issues. Nevertheless, or for that very reason, every baby has to learn how to calculate and manage money at an early age. The management of his income is independent, without the risk of overdraft of the account. In this way, a relationship with what is possible with funds – and what does not.

If there is no credit on the account and in the wallet, no credit can be paid out. Debt is a taboo. The toddler must be aware as soon as possible that every job is a commitment, ie a future commitment that does not exist at the moment. Contracts can only be calculated if they can be accurately evaluated.

Using the example of countless mobile phone contracts in the truest sense of the word, the legal guardians should clarify which fees are fixed, ie which are calculable and where the pitfalls for additional costs are. The unfulfilled order will inevitably become an obligation. Any liability will give rise to additional charges that are added to the actual liability. If the children really recognize this crisis reaction, then the first way is paved to pave the way for the debt trap.

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