Personal Loans Government Agency Agreement: Offer Analysis

Personal loans : the offer of Best Bank and Government Agency

Personal loans : the offer of Best Bank and Government Agency

Despite the integration within the French group, Best Bank still retains special attention to the needs of the Italian market, an approach that characterized its initiatives by the institute for the entire twentieth century. In this perspective, therefore, it is not surprising the agreement stipulated with the social security institution par excellence: Social Security (formerly Government Agency). The Convention has inspired the introduction of personal loans Best Bank Convention Twiter, very interesting in terms of convenience, especially for three categories of people: employees, civil servants and pensioners.

These forms of loan are characterized by low costs and few guarantees required. These are personal loans, therefore suitable for the satisfaction of “small needs”, such as the purchase of an asset or the home renovation works.

Best Bank Social Security personal loans: the three forms

Best Bank Social Security personal loans: the three forms

The employee offer is called Best Bank In Novo. The installments provide for the application of a fixed interest rate, the amortization period can extend to 10 years, while the maximum amount that can be financed is very high and amounts to 100,000 USD.

Offers the Reload Option : after 6 months the beneficiary can request a credit extension in a practical and fast way. The installment is quite low. Imagine a 34-year-old individual, a permanent worker, who requires a loan of 30,000 USD and an amortization period of 10 years to pay the costs of making his habituation more efficient: an installment of 353.69 USD would be expected for him.

The offer for civil servants, on the other hand, is called the Best Bank Public Employees Loan. It is very similar to the previous solution: the maximum amount is 100,000 USD, the rate is fixed, the amortization period can reach 10 years. Also in this case there is the Reload Option. You can also take advantage of the possibility of suspending the payment of the installment for the first time already twelve months after the start of the repayment.

Loan Best Bank Pension is the name of the loan that is reserved for pensioners. The maximum amount is 90,000 USD, even if it is tied to a limit: the installment must not exceed one fifth of the monthly income. Both the rate and the installment are fixed. Also in this case the repayment period can reach 10 years. The installments are paid automatically, through direct deduction from the pension (the formula is therefore that of the assignment of the fifth). The installment is quite contained, let’s take a simple example to evaluate its convenience.

Imagine a loan of $ 16,100 and an amortization period of 120 months. The installment would be just 200 USD, with APR at 8.88% and TAN at 7.67%. The total cost of credit would amount to 7892 USD.

All three forms of personal loans Best Bank agreement are distinguished by the shortness of the preliminary phase and the speed of opening the credit line.

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