Increase in requests to buy back loans and rental investment.

Credit brokers had a successful year in 2016 thanks to the stabilization of interest rates at historic thresholds and the renewal of the Panie tax exemption system for rental investment.

Increase in the number of loan repurchases

Increase in the number of loan repurchases

To lower the cost of their debt, many borrowers have carried out a grouping of loans or a repurchase of credits, which again mislead professionals, who anticipated a slowdown after the explosion of 2015. In reality, the fear of the rise in Interest rates, which have fallen to very low levels, as well as the positive feedback from relatives, prompted the undecided to embark on the operation.

Thanks to constantly falling rates month after month, the 2016 figures are in line with the performances recorded last year. Across France, even on recent contracts (even those signed in 2015), debt restructuring attracts owners.

A rate spread of between 0.7 and 1 point is enough to generate an appreciable gain, the loan still being in its first third.

Broker networks have thus observed an increase in this type of case that is 30 to 40% higher than normal. And this no longer stops at the request of individuals, because some professionals in the sector no longer hesitate to buy back business loans, however with higher penalties.

Renewed interest in rental investment

Renewed interest in rental investment

Like the purchase of loans, rental investment is once again on the rise, although to a lesser extent. In addition to the very competitive current rates, the extension of the Panie system for 2017 is added, pushing an increasing number of French people to apply for financing to invest in real estate.

In 2016, it already had success thanks to its relaxed conditions since January 1. Not only does it give the right to an attractive tax reduction, but unlike its predecessor, it allows investors to choose their commitment period (6, 9 or 12 years in the event of extension) and to rent their conditions under conditions well to his ascendants or descendants.

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